Fuel ethers and efficiency

Fuel efficiency depends on several factors, including how the vehicle is being driven, what are the road conditions and what kind of engine the car has. High-performing engines will have a direct impact on fuel efficiency. This combined with high-octane (102 RON) petrol can improve efficiency by nearly 30%, which means that consumers will be able to drive more kilometres with the same amount of petrol.
In the upcoming years, fuel efficiency will become an increasingly important issue for the car industry. With emission targets requiring lower pollution from the transport sector, reducing the environmental impact of road vehicles is crucial to reach the targets of the Paris climate agreement.
Making cars more efficient, and therefore cheaper to run, can also play a key role in supporting this transition.
Fuel efficiency depends also on octane rating and energy density. In fact, ETBE improves ethanol (ETOH) fuel efficiency: More km per litre